Our Services

Our Services

The unprecedented interest in Wellington inner-city living over the last twenty years has resulted in the development of numerous unit-titled apartment and town-house complexes.

This trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future given the attractions of the capital’s increasingly vibrant cafe society and its unquestioned position as the cultural center of New Zealand.

But the upkeep and management of such complexes presents significant challenges, markedly different from those offered by more traditional forms of accommodation in the suburbs, particularly given the busy lifestyles of many inner-city dwellers.

Your Property Matters Ltd was established in 1996 to help apartment dwellers make the most of their new lifestyle and is now Wellington’s largest independent specialist in the management and administration of unit-titled apartment buildings.

The company’s directors and staff know from personal experience that indeed your property matters, that its smooth operation is of vital interest to you.

Your Property Matters addresses this by providing a comprehensive range of management services aimed at relieving owners and committees of the burdens of administering their property. This includes: 

Assistance in Establishing Bodies Corporate

Your Property Matters can assist developers and new purchasers with advice on the establishment of a new body corporate in accordance with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and 2011 Regulations.

Body Corporate Management

Body Corporate Administration

Your Property Matters can provide full administration services for apartments, town-houses and commercial complexes, including the organisation of annual general meetings and Committee meetings and servicing the administrative requirements of your complex’s management committee.

Your Property Matters also manages your Insurance requirements for which you will have access to our Body Corporate Insurance Programme (BCIP) giving you preferential premium rates.

Body Corporate Accounting

Your Property Matters provides full accounting services including budgetary advice and monitoring, invoicing to owners, settling all accounts, quarterly and annual reporting and filing your body corporate’s annual return with Inland Revenue.

Body Corporate Facilities Management

Your Property Matters can negotiate and monitor all service and preventative maintenance contracts related to the smooth operation of your complex. The buying power provided by Your Property Matters’ portfolio of buildings ensures competitive prices for a range of building services.

Your Property Matters can attend to all events as they occur in a timely manner to ensure your occupants live in a complex maintained to a high standard.

Your Property Matters can also arrange competitive quotes for the provision of a professional Long-Term Maintenance Plan for your Body Corporate.

Special Projects

Your Property Matters has extensive experience in managing contracts for one-off projects on behalf of Bodies Corporate in areas such as building compliance and maintenance programmes. 

Pre-Contract & Pre-Settlement Disclosure Statements

These are the responsibility of the Vendor, however YPM can produce these for the Vendor for a fee. To order a statement, please email robyn@ypm.co.nz with your request, noting your body corporate name and unit(s) numbers.

The normal turnaround is 5 working days. If required within 2 working days there is an additional fee for urgency.